Peach Crisp A La Mode

Peach Crisp A La Mode

I wanted to make a healthy desert. So I have this Peach Crisp A La Mode Recipe for you. Read 10 Benefits of Oatmeal, and 10 Benefits of peaches. My intention was to make a basic peach crisp, my peaches were already cut up and ready to go, but when I looked in my pantry, I realized I didnt have plain oats and oat flour, so I had to improvise.

I'm also keeping it super healthy with focus on body wellness, anti-aging (who wants to look old, right?), and health preservation. After all, anyone can throw in butter, cream, and all unhealthy ingredients. But this Peach Crisp A La Mode recipe has a different purpose besides pure satisfaction.

This Peach Crisp A La Mode is a perfect guilt-free desert. It is heart-healthy and diabetic friendly. Dairy Free with minimal oil. Best part, the prep time is only about 10 minutes and is ready to eat in about an hour. Enjoy the flavor of peaches and its nutritional content.

What makes it even more special, is, I used my favorite Bob's Red Mill Old Country Style Muesli Cereal because it contains not just Oats, but Whole Grain Wheat, Dates, Sunflower Seeds, Raisins (Raisins, Sunflower Oil), Whole Grain Rye, Barley, Whole Grain Oats, Whole Grain Triticale (wheat), Almonds, Flaxseed, and Walnuts. All this is just so good for you, and the textures that add to the mix makes it a fabulous dish!

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

P.S. I have been depriving my husband of desserts, due to the unhealthy nature of them. But I finally decided to add some sweetness to our meals and this was it. He loved it so much, that as a thank you, he decided to clean the entire kitchen! LOL. From now on, there will be tons of HEALTHY desserts!

Peach Crisp A La Mode

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Prep Time 10 min

Cook Time 45 min

Total Time 1 Hour


3 to 5  - Peaches

12 oz - Bob's Red Mill Old Country Style Muesli Cereal

2 tbs- Dark Brown Sugar

4 oz - Chopped Pecans

4 oz - unsweetened Shredded Coconut Flakes

½ tsp - Cinnamon

¼ tsp - Salt

2 oz - Avocado Oil

Peach Crumble Crisp Recipe


  1. Make sure your rack is in the center of your oven, then preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  2. Cut 3 peaches into chunks (I cut into 1/4th inch chunks)
  3. Place your cut up peaches on the bottom of your casserole dish and spread evenly.
  4. In a medium bowl, prepare the crisp topping: Stir together the oats, prcans, coconut, cinnamon, brown sugar, and salt.
  5. Drizzle the Avocado Oil over the top, then use a spatula to combine until the dry ingredients are evenly moistened.
  6. layer your crip topping ingredients over the top of your peaches and distribute evenly.
  7. Bake the crisp for 45 minutes, or until the filling is bubbling and the top is golden. Check at the 30-minute mark—if. If the crisp starts browning too quickly, cover the casserole with tin foil, then continue baking as directed.
  8. Let rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Serve warm.
  9. Serve with Your favorite vegan Ice Cream


This peach recipe was cooked in a Red 2.5 Quart Rectangle Ceramic Dish.