7 Reasons to Eat an Apple Daily

Heard of the saying "Apple a day, keep a doctor away"? Here are 7 Reasons to Eat an Apple Daily.

When it comes to having a high profile for a fruit, the humble apple has to be right up there. Fresh-looking, tasty and nutritious, they come in a myriad of varieties. Varying in sweetness or tartness, according to one’s individual taste, who hasn’t been tempted by a Golden Delicious, Gala, Granny Smith or Pink Lady?

Not only are apples incredibly versatile when it comes to cooking and meal-times (see below), but they are awesome for your health too. Because of their high water content, a medium sized apple offers up just a meager 95 calories. At the same time, they are high in fiber, rich in vitamin C, potassium, flavanols, polyphenols, and a range of lesser known (but still great for you) antioxidant compounds with catchy names like quercetin and chlorogenic acid.

Here are seven good health reasons as to why apples should be a regular feature in your daily diet:


Apples are naturally heart friendly foods, shown to protect the body from the oxidation process that can cause arterial / coronary plaque build-up – a major risk when it comes to heart disease.


Quercetin, the antioxidant found in apples, holds the potential to possibly stave off cell degeneration in the brain. That means helping to prevent the development of the likes of serious neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease.


Courtesy of their flavanol content, apples are increasingly being identified as being beneficial in the prevention of some cancers, particularly of the pancreas and liver.


Apples are ideal for those trying to lose or control their weight. That’s because they are dense in both water and fiber – two things that can make you feel fuller for longer and therefore dampen down the need to eat again so soon.


Care for a brighter, whiter smile? Well, eating apples can help! Chewing an apple is especially good at stimulating saliva in the mouth. Saliva is good at countering harmful bacteria build-up that can damage teeth. An apple is then a great way to complement your daily tooth-brushing regime!


A number of recent studies have shown there to be a link between fruit consumption, with apples in particular, and a reduced risk of developing type II diabetes. It is thought that the polyphenol content in apples helps to protect the pancreas and thus enable the body a better chance at fighting off the development of diabetes.


The vitamin C and other antioxidants found in apples may help fight off or limit asthma. That’s because they help to protect the lungs from oxidative damage – something that can trigger or sustain asthma.

There are any number of ways to enjoy apples. The most common way is eating “as is” – fresh, tasty and crispy. Apples are also a regular feature in any number of desserts – crumble, turnover and pie being three great apple options. You can also throw in some apple chunks to pep up a salad with both taste and crunch. Let’s not forget apple juice and, for the occasional naughty sweet craving, a toffee apple might just hit the spot!