10 Benefits of Eating Goji Berries

The numerous antioxidants in goji berries are great news for health in general. One of those antioxidants in particular, zeaxanthin, is especially good for eye health, helping to prevent conditions like retinopathy and macular degeneration.


These same antioxidants also have potential for helping the body and its aging process, in particular helping the skin to maintain its elasticity, health and appearance.


As well as having a low glycemic index, the high fiber content of goji berries can help with weight loss and weight control regimes, allowing you to feel fuller for longer.


Goji berries have been shown to help those with liver damage and prevent a further deterioration in hepatic symptoms.


For those with anemia, the high levels of iron contained within goji berries are a great way to give the body’s red blood cells a boost.


Goji berries may also help those with type 2 diabetes stabilize and regulate their blood sugar.


The powerful nutrients and antioxidants in goji berries have also been linked to helping the body ward off carcinogenic cell growth.


Good news for arthritis sufferers too. The high levels of antioxidants in goji berries have been shown to counteract the oxidizing effects that contribute to arthritic pain.


Goji berries have been linked with improved neurological performance, that is enhancing things like concentration and memory, as well as fending off or reducing anxiety and depression.


There is also a link between goji berries and getting a better night’s sleep, and who wouldn’t want that?

Goji berries are great to incorporate into any meal of the day. Try them sprinkled in with your favorite breakfast cereal, or maybe mixed into a leafy salad. They can also be used in sweet or savory meals and can of course be blended into a nutritious, healthy smoothie!