5 Reasons to Start Every Day with Lemon Water

Everyone wants to start the new day off right, right? Yesterday may have been a howler, but today is a new canvass to paint afresh upon. Consequently, getting the best boost you can, should be no surprise to anyone. And this is where lemon water fits right in!


Lemon water is literally laced with benefits for your body

And here are five of the very best!


Keeps you Hydrated

One of the most basic things we can do to ensure our well-being is to stay hydrated. And what better way to do that than with a first thing hit o lemon water. Even better if regular water is not to your immediate taste – throw in some lemons to get those taste-buds going!


Loaded with Antioxidants

Lemons (and therefore lemon water) contain a nifty antioxidant compound called polyphenol. The good news when it comes to polyphenol? It helps the body with both weight loss / control and also in keeping type II diabetes in check.


Generous in Vitamin C

Lemons are super-generous in vitamin C, which in turn means that lemon water is too. And sure, everyone knows that vitamin C is “good for you” but most don’t know exactly why. Well, one of the main characteristics of vitamin C is its anti-oxidant potency. Which means good news for your body’s immune system and fighting off infections.


Aids in Kidney Stone Breakdown

The citric acid in lemons is excellent when it comes to stopping or breaking down kidney stones. If you’ve had them, you know what THAT can be like. If you’ve not, you really don’t want to. Lemon water is then your friend.


Helps Freshen the Breath

Lemon water can also help freshen breath and push back against that never wanted condition of halitosis. That’s because lemon water helps to keep the mouth active with saliva. And saliva is key to helping the mouth stay on top of bacteria – a key reason why people get bad breath and other mouth, and dental problems.

There are a ton of “fix you now” foods, drinks and recipes out there, some good, some maybe not so, some easy, some more complicated. Well, with lemon water, what you see is what you get! Easy to make, yet super-good for you. Why would you not start the day this way?

How to Make Lemon Infused Water

1. Slice one whole lemon into thin slices
2. Place on the bottom of your pitcher
3. Fill the Pitcher with water
4. Refrigerate for one hour or top it off with ice